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Meet Our Team

Sarah Adcock L.Ac.,

Dipl. O.M.

Sarah is a California native born in the North Eastern Sierra’s. She studied Biology in San Francisco and Hawaii before moving to Los Angeles to pursue her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Here she attended Emperor’s College and Samra University and volunteered at the Learning Garden at Venice High School- home to a beautiful Chinese medicinal garden. 
Sarah was part of the final graduating class from Samra University; the very same school her mentor Dr. Yu Zhang, taught Qi Gong seminars. Sarah was invited to work at Dr. Zhang’s clinic in Pasadena where she studied and adopted his healing techniques and herbal therapies. As he retired, Sarah took over YZ Acupuncture and Wellness becoming the owner and operator. 
Sarah specializes in skin care, microneedling and children’s acupressure. She is well-versed in hormone and immune imbalances, pain and stress disorders. She utilizes Western supplements, Eastern herbal tinctures and medicines, aromatherapies and Chinese Tui-Na to help her patients achieve their best health.  


    Melissa M. Estrada L.Ac.

    Melissa earned her Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is a California State Board Licensed Acupuncturist. For 15 years Melissa has provided acupuncture treatments in a variety of settings and has a focused area of interest in pain relief and stress-related disorders such as anxiety and insomnia. Melissa is especially interested in making holistic care accessible. She believes that patients deserve the best of what eastern and western medicine has to offer and works with patients who would like to make necessary lifestyle changes, using holistic health modalities to support their efforts and improve their health. 
    When not studying acupuncture or plant medicine, Melissa enjoys spending time with her family. Having been raised in Pasadena, Melissa is a Chicana residing on Tongva land. It is the exploration of her Mexican and Native American ancestry that drew her to TCM and she incorporates the spirit of traditional healing history into her practice.  Read more on her website . Melissa is currently available at YZ Acupuncture and Wellness on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesday afternoons. She offers a sliding scale fee, the details are on her website.


      Brian Nguyen L.Ac.

      As a scholar-physician of oriental medicine, I spend most of my time perusing various texts about the physiological nature and origin of mankind. Although the classical Chinese texts are my central focus, I continue to explore all areas and leave no rock unturned in my quest to understand the nature of disease pathogenesis and its cure. 

      The insights I've gained from my personal journey through the world of medicine have given me a different set of eyes to see and ears to hear. In the never-ending search for truth, I've come to see medicine as the attempt to restore Life to a person. 

      The human life is multi-faceted because of the tripartite nature of man: body, soul, and spirit. As such, I believe our well-being must be restored through the refinement of all parts without reservation. Quantifiable medicine involves the understanding of natural science and the tools needed to accurately assess issues presented in the flesh. While this approach is important, the “miracle” occurs only when all three parts of man are addressed. Why? Because Life itself originates in the intangible realm and gives way to things that are tangible. This is a core tenet of Chinese medicine and of nature itself. In my experience, faith in this concept goes a long way in restoring vitality to an otherwise perishing body.

        Brian Nguyen 25x36.jpeg

        Reyna Baca CMT

        Reyna is a California licensed massage therapist and a Usui Reiki level ll practitioner. Her goal for every session is to tailor the massage to what the client needs. She specializes in Swedish, myofascial, deep tissue and sports massage.

        Reyna is knowledgeable in treating injuries such as carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, sciatica, runners’ knee and plantar fasciitis. She is also trained in burn scar therapy. Reyna is currently studying to be a yoga instructor and is working toward her long term goal of becoming a physical therapist. 

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